Recent Projects

conducting the genealogical research for Brent Staples's New York Times article, "The Lost Story of New York's Most Powerful Black Woman"


finding the German origins of a 19th-century portrait painter
and his family of artists in Hamburg


discovering new records to help a previously rejected
Mayflower Society applicant achieve membership


using a previously unknown set of NYC marriage records to
qualify a man for German dual citizenship


working with a historian/biographer to uncover the life of
a 19th-century Black woman with multiple married names and aliases


documenting two Jewish sisters’ descent from their 8th great-grandfather who escaped the Portuguese Inquisition


using an adopted woman’s DNA results to identify and
her biological father


detailing the life and career of a little-known
miniature portraitist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries


identifying the Jamaican, Haitian, and French roots of a white man whose
DNA test results revealed unexpected African roots


determining the whereabouts and subsequent life of a New York City man after he went missing and was declared dead in 1928


proving a 19th-century married Brooklyn man to be the same man with a different wife and different mistresses in Massachusetts and Maine


untangling the identities of three War of 1812 veterans, confused and combined into one fictional person by the War Department


tracing 11 generations from a Florida man to his 17th-century Huguenot immigrant ancestors, finding his 17th-century Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian immigrant ancestors in the process


identifying an early 19th-century William Brown of New York City and differentiating him from more than 20 others of the same name, place, and time period


identifying and locating the biological father of a man whose recent DNA test revealed a surprise in his paternity


discovering the mother, through multiple marriages, of an early 19th-century New York City sea captain


proving ownership and date of construction of a Brooklyn building
for a landmark application


tracing an early 20th-century Jewish family's journeys back and forth between New York City and a portion of the Russian Empire that later became Lithuania


disproving a family myth of close relationship with an early U. S. president


finding the American life and descendants of an
immigrant Sicilian couple in Manhattan


finding an Irish immigrant’s life in Massachusetts before he permanently returned to Ireland


confirming family lore of a Pittsburgh mother having 15 children
leading up to the Depression


separating one Patrick Carroll from dozens of others in finding a tea merchant’s Irish origins


finding southern Italian origins and identifying places of
interest for an upcoming trip


identifying all ancestry through 6 generations for a Georgia-born businesswoman in Manhattan


finding living descendants of a founding father of
New York City’s Seneca Village