document retrieval

Ordering documents long-distance from New York City repositories can take weeks or months. Instead, get your documents within days with this expedited service.

relationship determination

When vital records are not easily found or were not recorded at all, you still have options available to prove your family relationships.

immigration into new york city

Discover details about your ancestors' immigration into New York City and their settlement here or elsewhere. Especially useful for dual-citizenship applications.

european origins

You may know your immigrant ancestors' nationality or ethnicity, but have no idea exactly where they are from. This service seeks to pinpoint that location.

complex genealogical problems

Many people enjoy doing their own genealogy research, but occasionally come across brick walls that require greater expertise, experience, and access to local records.

compiled genealogies

Some are interested in family history, but not in conducting research. This service presents and documents your ancestry across all lines or along one particular line of interest.